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Gracie and Milo Greeting Card

Mu & Me Gracie and Milo Greeting Card

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- Gracie found Milo the bear in a box at a garage sale 3 years ago. She was looking for a book on "How to read auras" but found Milo instead. As soon as she saw him she knew they had a connection. Gracie lives next door to her best friend Amelia and her cat Olive. Gracie and Amelia have so much in common. For one they share a great love of reading books, and eating chocolate. Milo and Olive are also well suited as friends. Neither of them are the talkative type, but love napping together in the afternoon sun.
- Includes an envelope and 2 stickers, all packed in a plastic sleeve for protection
- Blank inside for your own wonderful message
- Each card is U.V varnished for extra glossiness and strength.
- Size: 130 x 180mm
- Mu & Me Code: 990 235