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This is a lifesaving machine called an automatic external defibrillator. It’s used to check in your heart rhythm and allow the individual operating the machine understand whether your heart requires a jolt to reestablish your regular heart rhythm. The reason that you might require a jolt to your own heart is due to a cardiac emergency such as cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is if your heart stops pumping blood causing it not to circulate through your body. If you don’t have immediate treatment within four to six minutes, then you can suffer brain death. This system will help to attempt and prevent this from occurring. During a cardiac emergency, the machine will let the operator know you will need a jolt. The shock, or jolt, that’s administered is known as defibrillation.

These four measures include:

• Measure 2-doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is CPR
• Measure 3-using the AED for early defibrillation to Receive your heart rhythm back into a regular pattern if possible and is the most important measure
• Measure 4-giving advanced cardiac support when it becomes necessary
Before using the AED, you must be trained in how to use it so it’s done correctly. During the training, you’ll be given a great comprehension of how defibrillation functions as part of saving and stabilization if there’s a cardiac emergency. On occasion, other trained people might be asked to use them.

After turning the machine on it is going to tell the person who’s operating it to place two electrodes on the individual’s chest, which are given the AED. This system will monitor their heart rhythm using these electrodes. If the heart does require a jolt, or jolt, the machine will allow the operator know along with telling them to press the shock button also reminds them to step away from the person while the jolt is provided. Even though it’s an extremely sophisticated machine, an AED is designed so it is simple to use. It’s about the size of a normal laptop.

In every nation, there are laws that protect the general population using the AED in an effort to save a person who’s dealing with a cardiac emergency.

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